The Urban Tea Merchant: Moon Festival Tea Service

It is no surprise that Vancouver has a diverse culture. One popular celebration for the Chinese is the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, The Urban Tea Merchant provides an original and exclusive Moon Festival Tea Service  to celebrate this festive event. 

Moon Festival Tea Service (image from The Urban Tea Merchant)

One hot spot for tea and scrumptious bites has always been The Urban Tea Merchant. Part retail store, part tea salon, The Urban Tea Merchant offers luxury tea services and tea leaves that are enjoyed by countless people. The Urban Tea Merchant carries TWG Tea, one of the luxurious and finest teas that the world has to offer. To commemorate the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, The Urban Tea Merchant launches a new innovative way to celebrate, by offering the Moon Festival Tea Service.

The menu includes a starter of petit-chou, a light fluffy pastry, with “Weekend in St.Tropez Tea” butter and of course, tea. During my presence at The Urban Tea Merchant, Reza Nassoti, the Tea Sommelier, had given me a chance to take a whiff of some of the teas they had. I got to enjoy a cup of sweet and aromatic  Choco Mint Truffle Tea.

Choco Mint Truffle Tea and petit-chou

The Moon Festival Tea Service comes with assorted savouries and sweets on a large glass platter.

The savouries include:

  • miso-maple glazed sable fish in butter lettuce
  • Lapsang Souchong Tea” chicken salad cone
  • smoked salmon ribbon with ponzu jelly
  • “Weekend in Hong Kong Tea” pork dumplings with ginger dipping sauce

The sweets include:

  • TWG Tea Mooncake
  • signature tea truffle
  • chevron strawberry
  • Silver Moon Tea” infused watermelon strip
  • with assorted seasonal fruit

When the cover of the steamer basket was lifted off, these colourful pork dumplings was a feast for the eyes.

"Weekend in Hong Kong Tea" pork dumplings

This opened sandwich had smoked salmon laid over wasabi aioli, which gave a spicy kick to whet the appetite.

Smoked salmon ribbon with ponzu jelly

This sable fish was buttery and soft, while the garlic crisps on top gave it a light crunch.

Miso-maple glazed sable fish in butter lettuce

Favourite among many, the “Lapsang Souchong Tea” chicken salad is put within a savoury cone.

"Lapsang Souchong Tea" chicken salad cone

The highlight of the Moon Festival Tea Service is the TWG Tea Mooncake. TWG Tea created four different tea- infused mooncakes that are sure to leave people longing for more. The names of the four mooncakes are Constellation, Moonlight, Dragon, and Pagoda. To read more about them, visit their website.

I had the pleasure to try the Pagoda Mooncake in the Moon Festival Tea Service. This mooncake  has Moonlit Night Tea infused with lotus paste. Within the glossy, yellow crust, there are also dried mango dazzle embedded within the paste. This is truly an exclusive, unique mooncake, compared to the conventional mooncakes with lotus paste and salted egg yolk centres.

In addition to trying the mooncake in the Moon Festival Tea Service, celebrators can gift them as well. The Urban Tea Merchant is selling gift boxes of TWG Tea mooncakes. A box of four mooncakes retails at $75.

Image from The Urban Tea Merchant

In light of the Mid-Autumn Festival, TWG Tea also crafted two tea blends that are specially to be accompanied with mooncakes. The Silver Moon Tea or Singapore Breakfast Tea are crafted to enhance the flavour and essence of the mooncake. Consumers can also purchase  the midnight blue Silver Mooncake or burgundy Singapore Breakfast Tea Mooncake gift boxes. Each set comes with two mooncakes, a TWG Tea Haute Couture tin of Silver Moon Tea or Singapore Breakfast Tea (100g), and one reusable Cotton Tea Filter. Each gift box retails at $95.

Silver Moon Tea Gift Box

Needless to say, The Urban Tea Merchant continues to bring flair and creativity to their tea services. To experience the Moon Festival Tea Service, reserve a spot between 11:00am-6:00pm. This limited edition service only lasts until September 30. Bring your friends and family to The Urban Tea Merchant and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with luxury tea and mooncakes this year.

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Pictures (unless otherwise stated) and Article by: Whitney Hong (@wheetnee), Blogger of WandsAndPliers