The South Hill Hot Tubs on Fraser and 44th

Dec 19 2017, 6:14 am

The South Hill neighbourhood (Fraser Street) welcomed a new temporary addition to its street scene. On the corner of 44th and Fraser is the new Hot Tub patio seating. They’re also hosting a party tonight for the introduction of Hot Tubs and the new food truck, JJ’s Trucketeria. The addition of a food truck and patio seating is a big deal because seldom does a  neighbourhood south of 16th avenue rarely gets any love from the city in terms of public art and amenities. This is a small step in the right direction.

The South Hill Business Improvement Association partnered with Designers Matthew Thomson and Erika Mashig for the temporary seating area for Fraser Street. The installation is temporary, however, if successful, perhaps they’ll remain longer. A similar scenario happened on Main and 14th. In front of JJ Bean the installation “Parallel Park” was installed just for the summer, however, that has remained on site since its installation (in the summer of 2011) and won’t be dismantled any time soon.

Here are some photos highlighting the construction of the Hot Tubs.

Hot Tub benches Fraser Street Vancouver

Hot Tubs South Hill

Hot Tubs Fraser Street Vancouver

Images courtesy of South Hill Business Improvement Association