The SNL Of The Lower Mainland

Dec 19 2017, 5:58 am

Vancouver’s theatre scene is one with great variety that sees impressive talent sweep across the stage each and every year.

From companies such as Fighting Chance Productions, The Vancouver Playhouse and the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, to the ever-popular Arts Club and venues like the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, plenty of memorable shows have been created and cast throughout Vancouver’s theatre history.

Yet there is one small sized, but big-hearted theatre company that exists outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. With everything that the more well known Vancouver theatre companies have to offer, this one adds an unparalleled twist, a quick shift, and a tight squeeze.

It’s called The Giggle Dam, located in the “beautiful heart of downtown Port Coquitlam”. The Giggle Dam has been the best kept entertainment secret in the lower mainland for the past 10 years.

What is so different about The Giggle Dam when comparing it to other theatre companies in the lower mainland is not only that it is the only one of its kind in the area, where you get to experience live theatre, dancing and music, but you simultaneously witness a politically incorrect nature of comedy. You also get to enjoy the pleasure of having a 4-course meal with your old friends and new Giggle Dam friends, who happily interact with you and get to know you and the rest of the audience on a very personal level!

Think of Saturday Night Live but more interactive and intimate. You get lively rapid fire comedy sketches, musical parodies, a eight piece live show band, and vegas worthy impersonations.

The Giggle Dam cast includes the most loveable actor, musician, host, owner and comic genius Mark Friebe, along with the talented Sheila Sharma. Sheila is not only in the show, she also writes, directs and produces every running show to date and keeps the theatre running smooth as the co-owner. Capilano’s Musical Theatre graduates Ashley Bishop and Michaela Scott gracefully blow the audience’s minds with their their quick humor and impressive vocals. Cory Woodward, a well-known Canadian musician works well alongside a fellow musical artist Brad Lovell in the live band bracket as well as the in the sketches and musical parodies in the first act.

The Giggle Dam shows change approximately every three months every Friday and Saturday night, giving patrons four different themed shows every year.

There are offers and contests continually running throughout the year through Facebook, Twitter and The Giggle Dam website. It is recommended to book tickets as far in advance as possible as seats sell out fast! So if you’re interested in a cup of comedy, a fraction of fun, a sprinkle of spicy and saucy and a dash of Dam, The Giggle Dam is a recipe for the perfect night out for any occasion!

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