The Road To Shambhala

That blessed time of year is upon us again. The summer months are in full swing. It’s warm after sunset, and with all the music festivals going on, we have more than enough reasons to stay up late. For many people, May to September is festival season. ‘Merica always get’s the season started with the huge festival mainstays – Coachella & Sasquatch. Once June rolls around though, the festivals move north of the border, and BC becomes the home for several music and arts festivals. This isn’t a post about the dozens of other festivals going on in BC this summer, this article is about arguably the best out of all of them. I of course am talking about the 16th Shambhala Music Festival, from August 7-12 at Salmo, B.C.

Keri Knapp

For many that have gone to Shambhala, it has been an experience. The length, the magnitude, and the sheer amount of people gathered there, is remarkable within itself. Then you factor in a lineup that is simply to stacked to list here, it becomes clear why Shambhala is the best festival of the year. Cody Puckett

The early bird tickets for the festival have been sold out for some time now. You can still get regular priced tickets from the website for the fair price of $310. Since the festival is in the heart of Beautiful British Columbia, there is camping at the festival site. Parking is also provided, but I think I speak for everyone when I say “Please carpool there”. Parking & camping prices can be found here. As I mentioned, the lineup is beyond too stacked to list here. You can get lost in the lineups and lists on the Shambhala site here.

Cody Puckett

I’ll leave you with one last reason why you need to go to Shambhala this year. They recently released this video to give you a glimpse, and a quick listen, into what it is to be at Shambhala. See you there.

Photos via Kate Dahlgren.

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