The Network Hub giving away free work spaces to celebrate 10th anniversary

Dec 19 2017, 4:40 pm

The Network Hub is celebrating their 10th anniversary by spearheading a co-working awareness week. To commemorate their anniversary, they will be offering complimentary office spaces from August 4 to the 14.

The Network Hub’s co-working project in the South Coast of British Columbia began 10 years ago. The idea took off and now, a decade later, they have a number of offices in locations like Nanaimo, Whistler, downtown Vancouver and New Westminster.

In addition to the local work spaces, members of The Network Hub also have access to over 1022 co-working space partners globally.

Co-working spaces are exactly how they sound; a shared office space for several companies. Businesses or individuals can pay to be a part of The Network Hub, a modern spacious office which provides tech-oriented start-ups and small businesses access to everything they need to create a working environment.

There are also opportunities to build new business connections and relationships, and the opportunity to bounce ideas off others.

“Co-working has definitely evolved in the past 10 years, but the core pillars of community, collaboration, and creativity are still what keeps the pulse going,” explains Jay Catalan, co-founder of The Network Hub.

“Our own co-working ecosystem consists of entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and digital artists through our Digital Hub.”

If you’d like to reserve a free space during August 4 to the 14, click here.