The Legend of Johnny Canuck Part 1

Johnny Canuck returns in his 4th short film in the MY NAME IS JOHNNY CANUCK series, and the first of a two part story series titled “The Legend of Johnny Canuck.”

This HD short film shows Johnny Canuck, and other legends, facing their greatest threat yet… their mortality. When it seems the sky is falling, Johnny must find strength in the past, to unlock hope for the future.

Featuring the BlackHawk, the Maple Leaf, the Canadien and more. This film was shot in Vancouver, Whistler, Squamish, Kelowna and Kamloops.

The Johnny Canuck film series reinvented the historical Johnny Canuck character as a gritty and real version of the 140 year old Canadian icon. This film reflects the 2012-13 locked out NHL season.

[youtube id=”eWRqMgHRnyA”]