The Kokanee Ranger's Fate: Does He Live or Die?

Dec 19 2017, 11:40 am

Remember at the begining of the summer when Kokanee had a new ad campaign called Ranger Live or Die? Well it was pure marketing genious from the Kokanee people.

However, after talking to Skeets I found out that they’ve already concluded the contest. Fuck, when did this happen and how come I didn’t remember? See the video below before reading ahead or sign up at to view it and other videos, including the banned nudists commercial (a must see). You must be legal drinking age to enter the site.

Well anyways, after viewing the 2 minute 36 second clip of this “comedic” Sopranos parody I was still wondering if our beloved version of the Duffman is actually dead? Upon further review, The Urban Dweller believes so and will pour out a six pack of Kokanee in memory of the Kokanee Ranger. Rest in peace you Burt Reynolds mustache having, Sasquatch hating fucker. I wonder who or what their commercials will feature?

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