Want to use a dating app, but don't want to meet random weirdos? Introducing The Inner Circle

Feb 16 2018, 2:15 am

Throughout March, it can be hard to shrug off the depressing reality that the most romantic day of the year has come and gone, yet you’re still single.

This realization only hits home when you’re elbow-deep in a tub of Ben and Jerry’s asking yourself why the cute guy from the office (or even the cute guy from The Office) isn’t banging down your door, begging for a date. Your days of romantic comedy day dreams are officially over: The Inner Circle is on hand to help you get back into the full swing of single life.

If you haven’t already heard, it’s a dating app for young professionals, and here’s why it’s worth your time.

(Spoiler: It has way less randoms than your average app.)

Quality is key

For starters, The Inner Circle focuses on quality over quantity and takes a selective approach toward who can become a member, maintaining a close network of professionals who are all in the same phase of life.

And you don’t have to be a banker or lawyer to join the app. If you’re a teacher, nurse, student, or in any number of other professions, you’re eligible to apply. All members are real (no more accidental flirting with bot accounts) and inspiring people who are as ambitious as you are (no time-wasters). There’s even a wait list, and you know what happens to those who wait.

(Good things happen.)

It actually works

Chances are you’ve tried a number of different dating apps that have resulted in disappointment. The Inner Circle pretty much has all the benefits of other popular dating apps, like swiping around (Tinder), location search (Happn), selectivity (Once), but it offers more straightforward connections where you can just write a message if you really like the person. Yet The Inner Circle has a significantly higher success ratio of marriages than any other dating app with just 650,000 users. It gets results, and you deserve that (and so much more) this year.

We get it. Dating, especially today, can be an endless nightmare of ghosting and repetitive first dates. (We get it; you like Netflix. Spoiling an entire season of Narcos doesn’t count as flirty date banter, Kevin.)

So it’s time to change your dating luck and sign up to The Inner Circle for free today.

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