Inspiring Canadian entrepreneurs - The In-Credibility Factor

Dec 19 2017, 8:57 am

Terry Beech, co-founder of, has teamed up with Teresa Kruze, writer for Metro News, to write The In-Credibility Factor.

“It’s a book designed to inspire Canadians to become entrepreneurs,” said Beech. According to Beech, the book interviews 30 Canadian entrepreneurs, such as Jim Pattison, and highlights their histories.

With Vancouver becoming a hot spot for tech start-ups and with 98 per cent of all B.C. businesses being small businesses, The In-Credibility Factor looks to be a relevant, timely and promising read for Vancouverites. According to Beech, a Vancouver entrepreneur, “Given the state of the economy and of job security, I believe it is a personal obligation to arm people, especially the young, with the tools and skills of entrepreneurship.”

So what’s it about?

The first part is designed to inspire readers as the book goes into the 30 entrepreneurs’ stories. It covers how these individuals have gone through hard times and what they’ve taken away. It then provides five keys to success from each entrepreneur. “Teresa has gone across all provinces and territories in Canada and has interviewed entrepreneurs from every sector,” Beech explained. “They’re not all billionaires. They’re people from tech, from industry, start-ups and other sectors. It’s a book designed to capture the Canadian Entrepreneur.”

The second part of the book is designed to highlight why you should become an entrepreneur, how to think and act like an entrepreneur and, finally, how to get the right people and money to get started on your new venture. “Each of these sections has 10 action items on what you can do right now to get started yourself,” said Beech.

The In-Credibility Factor is based on a national blog, written by Teresa Kruze for Metro News. After being asked to be a contributor for the book, Beech explained that “I thought I might be able to do something, but I wasn’t sure. If I put something out there I wanted it to be something people would get excited about reading.” Terry then went on to help frame and write the book by going through the how, why and where of Canadian entrepreneurship. “Writing is very hard. Teresa and I really feel like we won a war. Regards to Teresa for really kicking my butt, because it’s tough,” explained Beech.

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The In-Credibility factor is being offered to Vancity Buzz members with a special early discount at $9 for November 28 only ($19.95 retail). This is a great read for those running their own business, hoping to start a business or hoping to advance themselves within their current careers by becoming intrapreneurs (those behaving like an entrepreneur within an established company).

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