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Dec 19 2017, 4:48 am

Hockey Community has been up for weeks now and the response has been really great with people already organizing games through the site. A couple weeks ago they just added 3000 US rinks to their database due to overwhelming demand. If you’re looking to organize a game, this is the site to check out!

Hockey Community was born when 3 roommates found it extremely difficult to find available ice times, public skating, drop-in hockey games etc… Most of the websites they checked out were very outdated and so were their schedules. At that moment they vowed to make hockey more accessible and started working on their platform. They are currently partnering with rinks to bring up-to-date schedules and availability to the hockey community.

Here are some of the features on Hockey Community that will make life easier for hockey players:
1. Follow your favourite ice rinks: You can stay informed of the activity happening at each rink. For example, you will receive a weekly digest of the games needing players.
2. Organize a game: You can organize a game to find players based on their position and skill level. This can also be shared on the user’s Facebook profile with a link to Hockey Community’s website to help fill the spots.
3. Suggestion tool: HC uses algorithms to make suggestions that are specific to each user’s preference. For example, if there are no games organized in the rinks you follow, they will suggest games at the closest ice rinks.
4. Access to over 5000 ice rinks within Canada and the US instantly thanks to their instant search form.
5. Hockey Facts: Users are able to add their own hockey fact on our platform which can also be re-tweeted to their own twitter account.

So if you are an avid ice hockey player in the city just looking to join in a game or organize one yourself, Hockey Community is the site to log into.

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