The Hockey Buzz - How Far Will the Canucks Make it in the Playoffs?

Dec 19 2017, 1:36 pm

In a new weekly series, Vancitybuzz will be gauging what is going on in the hockey world. “The Hockey Buzz” will cover the hottest topic of the week and is a place to voice your opinions and thoughts throughout the Canucks’ playoff run. 

Each week, data will be collected through a blind survey – nobody knows what anyone else will say. The survey panel is made up of a group of passionate Canucks fans, all in the age group of 20-25. Results of the weekly survey will be posted, along with comments. The purpose of the comments are to get creative juices flowing and to add to the discussion.

This week’s question: How far will the Canucks make it in the playoffs?

The results

The Panel

It pains me to say this…but the Penguins are just way to scary of a team right now. Having 2 of the league’s best players on 1 team is asking a lot of guys like Hammer and Bieksa…and the fact they play on 2 separate lines makes AV’s line matching job a logistical nightmare. If Pitts somehow loses before they reach the finals I definitely think the Canucks have a chance, although a series with Nashville will be even harder this year with the addition of Radulov and Hal Gill to what was an already stacked blue line when we played them last year…

As much as my heart would absolutely melt if the Canucks won it all this year, I feel as though a regular season result that mimic’d last years will also have a playoff run that resembles last years too…(wiping away tears before i continue…) It’s going to come down to our defense and particularly our goalies (and I add “goalies” because I know it’ll take both) to keep the choo choo train rolling far into the playoffs). A poor game by Luongo is inevitable throughout the playoffs, and boom there goes the teams fan support…. With Bieksa taking a late season hiatus, who knows if he’ll last throughout the post season and with Salo practically standing on the edge of a cliff waiting for a slight breeze to knock him over, our two vets’ absence could derail the train. From there, Schneider will do what he’s done all season until a tiny slip up from him will cost us a game leading to another failed attempt at Lord Stanley’s cup by the ‘Nucks. In a deep dark way, I hope the Canucks lose in the first round so I don’t have to deal with all the bandwagon jumpers…just kidding…kind of.

Is there any other choice for a Canucks fan besides a Stanley cup final win? This year’s iteration is just as capable as last years team, but with far too many variables to consider at this point all I have is faith and optimism. In my opinion, these are traits Canucks fans sometimes lack.

As long as players like Booth and Kesler find their touch in the playoffs and our powerplay starts to produce I think were in for the long haul boys.

Only four other teams have won the Presidents’ Trophy back-to-back (Edmonton, Calgary, Detroit, Dallas). None of them won the Cup the first time they won the Presidents’ Trophy. 3 out of the 4 won the Cup the second time around. That means something, right? Please tell me that means something.

Consecutive wins puts us in a category with some elite teams. This is a good sign, we know what it takes to win this time around and have added key playoff depth.

Congrats Nux on another Presidents trophy!…Hank should lift it over his head this time… The Canucks have proved this year that even through mediocre performances from their top offensive players they have the depth and versatility to come out on top of the league. But Vancouver is still hungry for the real prize: The Stanley Cup. To get to the cup the Canucks need to run both Luongo AND Schneider through the playoffs. regardless of how well (i hope) Lou plays, 28 games in such rapid succession is too tiring for any goaltender to perform at his best. If we get solid goaltending and fair officiating the Canucks should beat any team in the west. However there is a beast in the east! The Pittsburg Penguins. A force even BEFORE the addition of Sidney Crosby who has amassed 37 points in only 22 games this year! Next to Art ross winner Evgeni Malkin and his 40 goal scoring linemate James Neal, Star defensemen Kris Letang, and Olympic gold medal winner goaltender Marc Andre-Fleury they look to be the better team. The Canucks will need a a legendary performance from every player on the ice to beat the pens and take the cup, but then again, no team has ever won the cup with anything less. Go Nux Go

Pittsburgh with the two best players in the league will win the Cup. Unless Philly concusses Sid, Gino, and Letang, which is NOT out of the question, considering it’s going to be the best first round series without a doubt.

You just kind of know they are going to blow it.

As much as I love the Canucks, I can’t really see the Pens losing this year.

I’m pretty optimistic about this years team. I think as long as Daniel Sedin can come back healthy before the second round we have a legitimate chance. Almost everyone on the team now has Stanley Cup Final experience and I think the addition of Pahlsson, Kassian (he’s going to pick it up in the playoffs), and Booth are going to be huge for the Canucks. Alain Vigneault isn’t afraid of letting Schneider take over if Luongo falters and I think we can go all the way with two great goalies.

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