British newspaper completely botches the spelling of two Canadian cities

Jul 29 2019, 3:06 pm

Bienvenue à Montraal, Qumbec!

A renowned British newspaper may want to have spellcheck handy as it failed to properly spell the names of a Canadian province and its most populous city.

The Guardian released a map showing where fugitives of a nation-wide manhunt might be and misspelled the name of both Montreal and Quebec.

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The paper, founded in 1821, described the town of York Landing, Manitoba, and the remote town of Gillam, where the pair was last spotted, and used a map for scale.

While highlighting cities across the country, however, The Grianduan Guardian fumbled two east coast spots, labelling Montreal and Quebec as ‘Montraal’ and ‘Qumbec.’


The Guardian

Sorry, Qum again?

The virtual world of Twitter has justifiably reacted to the miscue, which has seen been edited, in the best way it knows how by slamming the UK newspaper with jokes.

The Internet was quick to point out that the map also features a comical amount of water.