The Great Canucks Goal Song Debate

Dec 19 2017, 8:40 pm

It’s the biggest debate since Luongo/Schneider and Hodgson/Kassian. That’s right, the thing that is getting Canucks fans’ blood boiling these days is the goal song.

Every team has one. The home team scores and a familiar song blasts as the fans cheer. It’s the same song every time, so it has to be good great. Canucks fans will not settle for anything less, even if we probably can’t agree on what is great.

The Canucks decided to hire new DJs this year, Jay Swing and Marlon J. English. They have put their imprint on the DJ booth at Rogers Arena already with a new goal song, U2 – The Miracle. After last season when it took a miracle for the Canucks to put the puck in the net, the song is appropriately named.

The reaction to this new song? Well, to be kind, it has been mixed.

I like U2 and I might even put this on my iPod, but I don’t think it’s right for a goal song. I need something more.


Here is what people on Twitter think:

Finally, a positive review!

They do, actually. Harrison used to care too once upon a time.

I know Twitter can be a negative place, but that’s still not a very good success rate. I also received two more responses hated the song that I didn’t include because of some crude language.

History Lesson

Although this year has been taken to another level, the Canucks goal song has always been under a lot of scrutiny. Just like the team’s varied jersey history, it seems nobody is ever satisfied with what we currently have and nobody can agree what to change it to. It has been like this forever.

For the past two seasons, the Canucks goal song was the Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling:

I’m a huge Black Keys fan and I really love this song. I think it works well as a goal song too.

Prior to that, it was Clutch – Electric Worry:

Electric Worry is a song I wouldn’t put on my iPod, but it actually worked great as a goal song. “Bang bang bang bang” was very loud with a lot of energy, real annoying for the visiting team.

And before that, Green Day – Holiday: 

Not for me.

In 2008-09, Joe Satriani – Crowd Chant was the song that Steve Bernier, Kyle Wellwood and the gang grooved to when a Canucks goal was scored:

The one reeks of Jock Jams, but it has worked well for the Minnesota Wild as their goal song for years.

Here is when it was really bad, Bouncing Souls – Ole, which lasted for a few years:

Other goal songs of the 2000s? U2 – Elevation, Gary Glitter – Rock ‘N Roll Part 2 and Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out. Yes, Who Let the Dogs Out.

OK smart guy, you got a better idea?

Everyone is firing arrows towards the new goal song, but far fewer are offering a good suggestion. I got to hand it to Jay Swing, being progressive and asking for suggestions.

Maybe we should bring back one of the old songs?

Rhys may have made some enemies today. But I agree, Holiday was brutal.

Personally, I like the Black Keys and Clutch. I’m the hockey guy, not the music guy, so there’s probably an even better song out there that I haven’t thought of yet.

Here are some other suggestions:

Way too heavy for my liking.

Too soft!

I don’t like that one either.

Not bad, but maybe that’s more of an intro song.

Way too soft.

There are a bunch of AC/DC songs that I would use, but this isn’t one of them (I wouldn’t mind Shoot to Thrill). Thunderstruck is the best all-time intro song though.

So what’s the conclusion in this? Jay Swing and Marlon J. English have an impossible job. No matter what they do, they will anger a large portion of Canucks fans because you can’t please everybody.

I think we could find a goal song that pleases a higher percentage of people though. All I ask is that the song is distinctive and high energy.

Have a suggestion? Let us know in the comments section!

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