The Gold Standard

Dec 19 2017, 4:27 pm

Gold has always symbolized power, security, spirituality and a connection to the divine. It has a seductive power that has endured through the ages and is once again coveted by fashion and interior designers alike. Silver, which has been the dominant colour and finish in design, takes on a supporting role– for now anyway. From the fashion runways to the sanctity of your own home Gold is the material and colour of the moment, so embrace it!

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What used to only conjure up images of Baroque excess or gaudy 80’s interiors filled with cheap brass has now become one of our new design obsessions. We absolutely love the use of gold in decor – from finishing touches to accent furniture and wall coverings. Its reflective brilliance adds a level of warmth and sophistication to a space that can often remain drab and sterile if only one metal finish is used. Using only silver accents, for example, will leave a space looking flat and cold, whereas using only gold is just too opulent and over-decorated.


When used with restraint gold is wonderful; its warm patina has a magical impact on a space. It makes a room or vignette come alive especially when paired with earthier materials such a natural woods or stone.

A subtle mix will give you the best results so don’t play it safe… mix your metals! A balanced mix of gold, silver, bronze and coppers will give your space more depth and warmth. As the design world continues to embrace gold, many options are now even available in kitchen hoods, faucets, tiles and cabinet hardware. Gold is a sexy accent to the colours we love to decorate with on the West coast: greys, blacks and other darker hues as well as creams, beiges and white. A refined and glamorous melange where a little bit can go a long way.


If decorating with gold is still outside of your comfort zone, try a few accent pieces or introduce some fabrics that have both silvers/greys and gold. The results are instant: fresh, elegant and classic. Local experts, Da Vinci’s Home recommend Elle Décor’s Magazine and their website’s comprehensive photo archive to boost your confidence as to how to get the perfect metal mix that will turn a space that has all the fundamentals of a liveable, well-designed room into a memorable space.

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