The Canuck: NHL Guardian Project

Dec 19 2017, 4:48 am

The Guardian Project is the fictional superhero squad created by comic book legend Stan Lee in conjunction with the NHL for the 2011 NHL All-Star Game. You may remember Stan Lee’s name, he is the co-creator of many of Marvel Comics greatest superheroes. Each NHL Franchise is represented by one of the 30 heroes, titled “Guardians”

Here we have The Canuck. Kind of reminds me of an aquatic version of Batman, which is a DC character hmmm… Anyways, look for these characters to make a splash at tomorrows NHL All-Star game.

Some more on The Canuck.

The Canuck is tough, he’s fearless and he is not afraid of physical work. In look, he is mostly human, combined with certain attributes of a killer whale. He has a massive cape attached to his waist that possesses the ability of shape shifting. The Canuck cannot fly but he can propel himself out of the water to great heights. Like all aquatic mammals, the Canuck uses a hyper sensitive form of Echo Location that enables him to track enemies at sea.

The Canuck has two main super abilities – first is a form of natural empathy in which he can summon rain and during the ensuing rainstorm he can fashion the resulting downpour into any number of offensive or defensive weapons. He also has the power of summoning which he uses to call his whale friends to his aid when necessary. Hidden in the Canuck’s wrist guards and boots are retractable spikes that assist him in maneuvering through the treetops. It’s an odd sight watching this half killer whale character bounding through the trees but it’s completely natural to this most contrarian of Guardians.


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