The Boxer Rebellion Take Over the Electric Owl

Dec 19 2017, 7:39 am

This past Friday, May 31, rock band The Boxer Rebellion took over the Electric Owl.

The venue was jam-packed with fans and the minute they hit the stage they instantly had the crowds undivided attention.

Stopping in Vancouver on the last leg of their Canadian dates for this tour in support of their self-released fourth album Promises, the London band, has the ability to make a crowd swoon.

Mainly it is their stunning live show that will have you mesmerized, however, it also goes a long way when it’s clear that The Boxer Rebellion are just a bunch of nice guys without huge egos.  From pre-show appearances in the venue, to offering the crowd to come hang out with them at the merch table after the show, as a fan they make you feel valued.

They’re not just another indie band with catchy ironic hooks and retro haircuts, they dish up all of that and more. The quartet delivers a very tight and cohesive show, playing their songs so flawlessly at moments if you close your eyes it feels like you are listening to their album.

Songs off of Promises made up the better part of the setlist and the band added just the right amount of their old songs to keep long time fans and new fans captivated.

It was a magical moment when three songs into the show the group played ‘Diamonds’ the first single off of Promises. The sheer talent in lead singer Nathan Nicholson’s vocal range really draws out the emotional nature of this song and their sound.

Nicholson as principle songwriter for the band has a knack for writing brilliant love songs that are easy for listeners to connect with on a personal level and that was the case in their live show.  The vibe in the room was nothing short of magnetic.

The Boxer Rebellion’s hypnotizing appeal carried on through to their three song encore where they finished the night off on a powerful note with The Gospel of Goro Adachi’ from their second album ‘Union’.


Check out the music video for their latest single ‘Diamonds’ below

Photo c/o  Big Hassle