The Big Brother Phenomenon is coming to Canada

Shaw Media has sealed a deal with Endemol to produce the first ever Canadian installment of the wildly popular international sensation Big Brother and has teamed up with Canadian production heavyweight Insight Productions on the production of the series.

“Like Captain Kirk said, ‘Boldly go where no man has gone before,’” said Insight CEO John Brunton. “We’ve never produced a show that shoots 24/7. Casting this program is going to be a blast.”

Staying True to the U.S. format, Big Brother Canada will hand pick a diverse group of competitive contestants in the Big Brother house outfitted wall to wall with cameras and microphones to capture the house guests’ every move.  Week to week the house guests compete in a series of challenges and vote each other out until one claims victory and takes home the grand prize.

I’m sure some of you are wondering if I will audition for the show. I would, but that means having to put on pants. As a TV Critic I do most of my work from home, which means… yup, you got it! Think of that the next time you’re reading one of my articles.

If you like being a voyeur, you can connect with the series outside of the 3-day-a-week broadcast through a myriad of digital extensions including live streaming and social engagement opportunities that allow online users to impact decisions in the house.

I’ve come to realize that you either love the show, or you don’t. Every fan I come across who watches Big Brother is a super fan. They can hate you, then find out you like Big Brother, and become your BFF. Over the last number of years Big Brother has increased its fan base and picked up a ridiculous amount of followers. In 2011, Big Brother aired 25 formats in 87 countries. I have to admit, after watching the first season, I didn’t look back.

Details on casting and production will be revealed at a later date.

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