The Art of Accessorizing

Dec 19 2017, 4:17 pm

Now that you have your room’s ‘foundation’ pieces  – sofas, coffee table, end table and maybe a bookcase or sideboard for your living room – how do you personalize your space and take it to the next level so that your home doesn’t resemble a staged furniture showroom?


The key to making your rooms come alive is the placement of accessories. The combination of colour, texture and pattern are fundamentals to creating visual depth so your rooms do not feel flat or one dimensional. Even just a few well-placed accessories, including textiles such as carpets, cushions and curtains, can be visually impactful and are every memorable room’s secret weapon.

Amp up the mood of your room with well-chosen objects the same way that an amazing piece of jewellry can make an outfit. A single accessory like a dramatic mirror or a large scale oil painting can have as much, if not more, impact as a grouping of smaller items. These larger ‘show stoppers’ create focal points and demand attention so the eye forgets about the boundaries of small or awkward space, for example. They make a space feel grounded.


Whether you are shopping for accessories in retail stores, flea markets or on your travels be open to items of different shapes, sizes, complimentary patterns and things that have a sculptural look add interest. A variety of elements, especially when layered, will work together to make the room feel both intimate and special. Don’t forget the importance of books as an accessory. “A house without books is a home without a soul.”

Grouping like items together on a fabulous leather or lacquer tray elevates your personal treasures from knick-knacks to a curated collection. Mixing vintage and new is visually powerful and always stylish. High and low – a pair of inexpensive vintage mid-century lamps on a new designer sideboard – a chic blending of eras and styles makes your space unique and adds a touch of the unexpected. Create tension by mixing smooth surfaces with highly textured or organic pieces by choosing a weathered driftwood bowl for a glass coffee table centrepiece instead of something smooth and shiny.


Be fearless, be expressive and be bold.  Let your home be a reflection of your personality and create a room YOU love. Rooms that leave a lasting memory on the eye come together over time unlike instant rooms which tend to feel ‘processed’ and staged. Don’t buy accessories just to fill spaces, buy them because you love them because those will be the pieces you’ll keep and enjoy for years to come.


DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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