The Airtights Live at The Sharkclub

Get ready for another funked out night with The Airtights on Friday April 26 at The Sharkclub. Their album, which can be purchased on their website, has been keeping us sane since their last performance. So we’re more than ready for The Airtights to perform live again. They have just released their single Fight Music and are currently preparing to enter The PEAK Performance Project. Learn more about The Airtights by checking out our exclusive interview with them: Interview with The Airtights. 

Their distinct sound and look cannot be missed, and their sultry lyrics are full of love making, fist fighting and sexy panthers. Our only warning is that you’re bound to get all their songs on replay in your head; You’ll be begging for more. Every live performance is a unique gem. You never know what to expect, but will always be confident to hear The Airtights unique West Coast Vancouver sound. Make your Friday night airtight and attend this amazing opportunity to experience the art and craft of this local Vancouver band.

Check out The Airtights website, Facebook and follow on Twitter @theairtights.

The Airtights Live at The Sharkclub

When: Friday April 26, 8 p.m.

Where: Shark Club sports bar and grill: 180 W Georgia St  Vancouver, B.C. V6B 4P4


Advance tickets $10 (email The Airtights at [email protected])

Tickets at the Door: $12

Wear your dancing shoes.