That Will Be $3, You Can Thank Me Later

Dec 19 2017, 11:47 am

(Gordo should be holding up 3 fingers and not five)
With the announcement of a 10 lane super bridge (see video link) it was inevitable that the Liberals would take some flack for the $3 toll. The Port Mann is a traffic nightmare and needed upgrades, the only way to do it was to expand it and toll it. It will also create 8000 jobs desperately needed in these harsh economic times.

10 lanes! $3 billion! All things considered, to accommodate future growth in the Fraser Valley this had to be done. If not now then later and the cost would be considerably higher.

I like the idea of tolling new bridges, it’s pay for usage. Same thing with the carbon tax, if you don’t drive what the fuck does it matter to you. If this gets people to rethink their commitment to driving, great. If not, let them pay.

Part of me likes this idea, however at the same time I know it will contribute to more suburban sprawl. The addition of transit via rapid bus line is a great addition. Further, the bridge will be built to accommodate rapid transit (underneath the main deck).

In short Gordo has a plan, he always does. The NDP does not.


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