Thank You Vancouver For Making This A Memorable Playoff Run

Dec 19 2017, 4:59 am

Regardless of the outcome tonight (call me superstitious but I’m not making any predictions here) I just wanted to thank everyone that has made this Stanley Cup Playoffs an exciting time for us all. Whether you just jumped on the bandwagon or have been a die hard fan since birth like myself, the past few weeks have rivaled the Olympics for many and the Stanley Cup Finals have been the icing on the cake. 

Of course it all starts with the Canucks. When it’s all said and done this era in Canucks history will produce a few hallof famers and see more Jersey’s raised to the rafters of Rogers Arena (or whatever it will be called sometime in the future).  I wouldn’t be surprised if another few long cup runs are in our future, but for now we live in the moment.

Thank you Burrows for slaying the dragon that is the Chicago Blackhawks. Thank you Ryan Kesler for being the warrior that you are. Thank you Sedins and Luongo for rising above the lunacy of national and international media. Thank you Bieksa for being Bieksallent, don’t worry Don Cherry will one day pronounce your name correctly. I can go on and on but I think you get the picture.

Not to be overlooked the Canucks as an organization deserve full credit for their continual efforts in bringing the Canucks community closer together. Through power of social media (@VanCanucks) the Canucks have made us fans feel closer to the team.  Never in the history of sports have fans had the opportunity to feel so connected with the team they love. Thank you.

To Mayor Gregor and his crew, thank you for shutting down the streets and bringing in the big screens. Despite the garbage, random flashers (which I didn’t mind), and general tomfoolery the fans behaved quite well. Vancouverites and lower mainlanders thank you. You never know when this is going to happen again. For once my tax dollars were put to good use and many now forgive you for the bike lanes. Okay maybe not but still good on the city for once again allowing us to enjoy ourselves.

Finally thank you to the fans of the most hated team in the league. You came out in droves, you partied on Granville, Georgia, Hamilton, Seymour, Fraser, 4th and many other major street in the city. You helped recreate the magic we all experienced at the Olympics. You cheered, you belted out the “O Canada” and yelled Luuuuuu (is that the correct number of u’s?) at the top of your lungs. Without your enthusiasm the ride would have been quieter.

Win or lose thank you Vancouver for the amazing ride.

Image: Maurice Li

Bonus: Watch this video, it’s chilling.

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