Terry David Mulligan Charity Roast

If it’s not George Stroumboulopoulos, it’s Terry David Mulligan (TDM). This month, we’ve had an opportunity to meet both of these Canadian media buffs (with unnecessarily long surnames) and have been blown away by their characters and amazing careers. For all of his various accomplishments, a roast was held in TDM’s honour last Friday night at Federico’s Supper Club. All of the proceeds from the event went to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. 

Like Stroumboulopoulos, Terry David Mulligan (TDM) has made significant contributions to Canadian media as he’s arguably one of the biggest broadcasting and pop culture icons that Canada has ever bred. There are very few things the B.C. native and ex-RCMP officer hasn’t done. His illustrious media career spans from radio and television (CBC’s “Good Rockin’ Tonight and “MuchMusic”), to several brief Hollywood film appearances such as “Fantastic Four” and “Look Who’s Talk Too”, and even reviewing wines on his “Tasting Room Radio” show.

For those who may be hazy on what exactly a ‘roast’ is, it involves paradoxically being honoured mainly through targeted jokes, insults, funny stories, alongside some sincere and kind words. TDM certainly showed his good nature as he handled the roast pretty well despite being ruthlessly burned and heckled for his old age and insignificant movie roles. The event was spearheaded by the outrageous host and comedian, Patrick Maliha. Alongside Maliha, a panel of well-known media personalities from around Vancouver joined the roasting festivities. The panel included comedian Tanyalee Davis, Urban Rush host Fiona Forbes, award winning comedy duo Linda Cullen and Bob Robertson, Sports radio personality Dave Pratt, Province writer Glen Schafer (also co-writer of TDM’s recent book “Mulligan’s Stew”), and the co-host of City TV’s Breakfast Television Jody Vance (also worked on CBC’s Chasing Stanley).

Patrick Maliha had no hesitations in instigating insult wars with the panellists, especially when he coined the 3 foot 6 Tanyalee Davis “the blowjob queen.” She had a respectable rebuttal when she reciprocated with how “not even my hands will make his d*ck look big.” Another memorable sneaky insult by Maliha was on Jody Vance when he said that he’s sees her a lot on TV, just never with the volume on.

Prior to the panellists speeches at the roast, some attractive hockey goodies were auctioned off. The goodies included an authentic 2010 Olympics signed Crosby jersey, an Olympics Hockey Jersey with over 50 signatures of hockey stars all around the world (including Gretzky), and a signed “game-winning” Cory Schneider stick – great prize but not sure if the name “game-winning” makes any sense for a goalie stick. Notable auction winners were some of the Real Housewives of Vancouver, who gladly donated over $700 for the signed Olympics Jersey- although, I really do wonder if their donation was for charity or for PR.

The roast itself was quite humorous, with some taking it easier on TDM than others. The crowd favourites arguably were Linda Cullen and Bob Robertson (best known for Double Exposure on CBC Radio) who started off by listing a handful of hated people with three word names, and later got into a variety of jokes pointed at TDM. The duos impersonations of public figures congratulating TDM on his career drew various laughs from the audience-Bob’s Jean Chrétien voice was priceless. Red Robinson, who couldn’t attend the roast, had a heart warming video recorded for TDM which ended with a charming, “Go f”ck yourself” as the “three little words I’ll leave you with.” Ironically, it’s rumoured Red will be the next roasting victim.

This was my first (and certainly not last) roast. Packed with non-stop entertainment and in support of a charitable cause, it was the perfect way to honour a man who has done more things in his career than one could ever dream of.

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Video via Catherine Barr

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