"Thank you to the community of Delta": Donations pour in after bikes stolen from farm workers

Apr 23 2023, 7:10 pm

Recently, temporary foreign workers who’ve been parking their bikes in Delta’s Ladner area noticed their bikes were disappearing. According to a local group that’s banded together to help the farm workers, locals seem to have mistaken the bikes left behind as part of a spring cleanup.

Last weekend, the Latino Workers Support Society shared a post on Facebook to spread awareness of the mistake.

In an email to Daily Hive, the group explains the workers rely heavily on the bikes to get to work and to get around town.

“They often ride from their remote location to the main road, park their bikes, and take a bus,” the society explained. “Fifteen or so bikes were on the corner, there is even a small bike rack there for them.”

The group added that someone in its Delta community said they witnessed someone take the bikes away “that most people know belong to the temporary foreign workers.”

According to the society, the person confronted the driver and said the bikes were not part of a spring cleanup, “but they didn’t stop.”

While the bikes may not have been locked, the society admits, “there were clues this was not part of spring clean up.”

Sixteen bikes parked on the corner of Arthur Drive in Ladner were taken, affecting workers from three farms.

After the bikes were taken, the society put signs to deter people from taking more bikes.

The Latino Workers Support Society also put a call out to the community in hopes of collecting enough bikes for the workers affected.

In just 24 hours of asking for help, 10 bikes were donated. Most workers now have a replacement bike, helmet, and lock.

“This situation has brought to attention the need of a few more bikes for workers who never had one and for bike locks so that this doesn’t happen again,” the society added.

“Delta really is an amazing community and what a message it sends to those workers that shows they are welcome here and cared for.”

With files from Claire Fenton

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