Templeton Secondary Field closure spawns online petition

Dec 19 2017, 4:07 pm

An online petition is circulating to stop the closure of the Templeton Secondary School Field from the months of July to September.


“The members of this community feel strongly that closing the field deprives us of a public space that is enjoyed by many during the summer months. There are many groups of people that use this field such as young families with small children and babies, dog owners, couples, sports-minded youth and seniors,” reads the petition.

The petition claims when the field was closed last summer, the grass grew knee-high and it was “destroyed” due to lack of maintenance.

Beyond that, neighbours who use the field on a regular basis feel as though they are being treated as criminals simply for walking onto the grass.

“Recently, we have had incidents of field workers being rude to residents of the community and treating us as trespassers—this is terribly insulting to us who treat this area with care and respect.”

It adds that people in the area are diligent about helping to maintain the field and report suspicious activity.

“We encourage the school and the VSB to work with Templeton community to find solutions to problems rather than alienating a neighbourhood that is working to keep it clean, respectable and vibrant. This field helps us keep an active lifestyle, keeps us social while solidifying our bond as a community.”

To sign the petition, click here.