Temperatures expected to reach 21°C in Metro Vancouver today

Dec 19 2017, 9:04 pm

Shorts and short-sleeve weather has arrived: Warm temperature records could be broken across Metro Vancouver today, potentially marking the first ‘beach day’ of 2016.

According to Environment Canada, the temperature is forecasted to reach 21°C in the inland areas, such as Surrey, Burnaby, and Port Coquitlam. Areas by the water, which moderates air temperature, will experience a high of at least 16°C.

The historic high temperature record for April 1 was set in 1987 when a high of 16.9°C was recorded at Vancouver International Airport. By comparison, the historic low for this date was in 1975 when temperatures dipped to -2.2°C.

On this day, the historic maximum temperature average is 11.5°C while the minimum temperature average is 4.1°C.

Sunny and warmer conditions will continue until Saturday, before the return of cloud cover and rainfall from Sunday to Tuesday. However, extended sunny and warming conditions are expected to return beginning the middle of next week.

Temperature records were already set on March 31, yesterday, when gauges in Vancouver Harbour recorded 18°C, breaking the 2013 record of 17.2°C.