Telus will now charge for internet usage exceeding plan

Dec 19 2017, 2:04 pm

As of March 30, 2015, Telus will begin charging internet users for data accrued past their monthly cap.

The media giant issued a release Thursday morning stating that usage-based internet fees will now be charged to customers who exceed their monthly data allowance. While Telus has already implemented monthly caps to coordinate with higher priced plans, they do not currently enforce them. Meaning, if your plan includes 150GB of data, and you accrue 200GB of usage, you currently do not pay anything extra.

Beginning March 30, however, Telus will charge an initial $5 for an extra 50GB of data once the limit has been exceeded. If these user exceeds that extra bucket of data, they will be charged another $10 for every extra 50GB bucket of data they use, to a maximum of $75. The company will notify users before charging.

The company says the changes are because of the dramatic increase in the consumption of video over the internet. “As a result, in the last 16 months alone our customers’ monthly Internet data usage has more than doubled,” the statement reads.

But Telus maintains that very few of their customers ever exceed their monthly data limits: “Much of this consumption is being driven by a minority of our customers – in fact, less than 5% of our Internet customers are consuming 25% of the data on our network in any given month.”

If this is in fact true, these changes may only affect a small proportion of Telus users, but others will still worry they may incur extra charges.

The cheapest internet plan from Telus, Internet 15, allows 150GB of data for $30 a month. Strangely, a better plan, Internet 25, is the same price and includes faster download speeds and 250GB of data.

The $40 plan includes 400GB of data, and Telus’ biggest plan, Internet 100, offers 500GB of data and 100Mbps of download speed.

According to Netflix, the streaming service uses 1GB of data per hour of standard definition streaming and 3GB an hour for high definition streaming. Meaning, you can watch about 150 hours of House of Cards a month on Telus’ cheapest plan.

If you’re downloading high definition movies or series, that uses up a lot more data – from 4GB to 22GB for Blu-Ray per film.

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