Six ways to stream, share and save

Aug 7 2019, 1:19 pm

Whether it’s streaming your favourite playlist or responding to the latest group message, your phone is an extension of you most of the day. Canadians are using wireless data more than ever before because let’s face it; your device does it all.

Plus, with the anticipated arrival of 5G (hello autonomous vehicles!), and cool, new devices launching regularly, staying connected is key.

With the introduction of endless data on the phone you’ve always wanted (at $0 upfront), TELUS is making it easier for you to like, comment, swipe, post, stream, and buy, all while keeping your monthly bill in check.

Here are the six reasons you’re going to love being a TELUS wireless customer right now:


No Wi-Fi? No problem

Gone are the days of sheepishly asking the waiter if they have Wi-Fi, or bugging your friend for the password to connect at their condo. The TELUS Peace of Mind plans offers endless data so you can keep going if you surpass your monthly data allotment.

On the off-chance you do go over your large high-speed data bucket, you can still stream, share, and stay connected as much as you want with speeds of up to 512 kbps. In other words, you can still jam out to the New Music Friday playlist without interruption.

Improving your morning commute

As a budding entrepreneur, you might find yourself finishing a brief while in transit, or catching up on podcasts in the back of your Uber. Running a business means taking advantage of every minute of the day. TELUS Small Business customers can take advantage of endless data plans and get the latest and greatest phones for their business with TELUS Easy Payment.

Say hello to a more productive (and tech-savvy) commute.

Keep it in the family

No more family drama over who uses all the data. TELUS Simple Share plans are customizable, with shareable data buckets so everyone in the family gets the coverage they need. With the TELUS Family Discount, the more members you add, the more you save — up to $15/month each with four or more lines!

You can live-stream a concert while your sister posts photos from Saturday’s party, and the whole time, your parents can check-in and leave the usual “LOL you’re amazing” comments on your Instagram.

Break down your budget

Sticking to your monthly budget can be tough, but as they say, knowledge is power. TELUS Easy Payment keeps device costs and rate plans separate on your monthly bill, making it easier to track. It also lets you choose the best device financing option for your lifestyle — whether that’s paying as little as $0 upfront over 24 months or choosing to pay more upfront and lowering your monthly bill.

It’ll be hard not to share your newfound knowledge, so don’t be surprised if you end up labeled the go-to budgeting guru in your friends’ group chat.

Reduce and upcycle

The last thing anyone needs is another old device sitting in a random drawer. If you’re ready for a new phone, take advantage of the TELUS Bring-it-Back program. The program lets you avoid clutter and save on a shiny new device by upcycling your current device. Plus, the added savings can be put towards a top-quality screen protector. Now that definitely sparks joy.

Be the tech trendsetter

We’re all keeping tabs on the newest devices. The TELUS Easy Payment program lets you get your hands on the latest smartphone for as little as $0 upfront. It means you can finally get a phone that helps you elevate your Instagram with Portrait Mode, start a TikTok account with top quality videos, or simply keep up with office memes on Slack.