Finally, TV that's good for your mind, body, and soul

Mar 29 2021, 1:48 pm

Managing stress can be hard on the mind, body, and soul — especially throughout the pandemic. Whether you have trouble relaxing, sleeping at night, or a busy mind that never quits, there has never been a more important time to focus on your mental health and wellbeing.

Now, through TELUS Optik TV, you can get access to the best mental health, fitness, and nutrition content on the big screen. Calm and Openfit each offer you top-quality health and wellness classes, and as a TELUS customer, you can unlock bonus content on their mobile apps.

Learn more about Optik TV health and wellness offerings here.

TELUS has partnered with Calm, the #1 app for sleep and meditation, to help Optik TV customers stress less, sleep better, and live healthier with their collection of sleep stories, guided meditations and relaxing music. Now, you can enjoy meditation sessions with the family on the big screen, listen to soothing sounds of nature to unwind, or put on a sleep story for the kids before bedtime. With access to hundreds of meditation, sleep and relaxation guides, there is something for everyone.

Popular Calm meditation guides available in the TELUS On Demand library include 1 Minute Meditation, Anxiety 5 Tips, Daily Calm — Forgetting Time, and Calm Body — Body Care. Subscribers can also enjoy unlimited access to Calm content on-the-go with Calm Premium on the mobile app, where even more exclusive sleep and meditation content can be unlocked.

Want to give Calm a try? Current Optik TV subscribers can explore a selection of Calm’s guides for free through the TELUS Healthy Living Network on channel 346.

Self-care is important for the body and mind, and a great way to nurture both is to get into fitness. TELUS also offers Openfit, an all-in-one digital platform featuring on-demand and live fitness classes with a virtual trainer. By using the Openfit app, you can turn on your smartphone camera to get live audio feedback and tips from the trainer, or even get follow-up messages through SMS.

With access to top fitness instructors and hundreds of high-quality workouts such as Xtend Barre, Yoga52, and more, it is no wonder that Openfit is used by celebrities including Margot Robbie, Julia Stiles, and Shay Mitchell to support their fitness goals. No matter where you stand today in your health and wellness journey, Calm and Openfit make mental and physical fitness, nutrition, and wellness achievable for everyone.

Optik TV customers can swap out current Theme Packs to have Calm or Openfit included in their TV Plan for no extra charge, and customers who love their Theme Packs and want to try these wellness options without the full commitment can add these services to their existing plan for $8 per month. Optik TV makes it easy to try these services before committing to a full subscription, plus offers the convenience of these subscriptions being on one bill.

There’s no need for expensive gym memberships or sleepless nights when you can get access to a variety of fitness and wellness classes with Calm and Openfit.

To learn how to add Calm and Openfit to your package or more about Opik TV, visit

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