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Feb 4 2021, 6:28 pm

Among the many things that we’ve learned in 2020, one of them was how important it is to stay at home. Many of us have changed our workplace to a home office or started taking classes at home. After spending so much time in your house, you might have finally had the opportunity to plan a renovation and make it customized to your liking.

The future is now

You’ve probably heard about home automation and how its features help us have convenience and peace-of-mind in the best place in the world, our home. A snowy day can feel very warm with the help of a remote-controlled thermostat. To make it better, your company can arrive at your place via a keyless entry. Or, if the perfect gift sent to you arrives when you are not home, you can get text notifications from your smart home automation system.

With TELUS Custom Security Systems you can keep your high-value property protected and personalized to your needs.

All control in simple clicks

Can you imagine having your loved ones or service providers at your place even when you are not home, without having to share a spare key? This is possible with TELUS Custom Security Systems.

During this stay-home period, you might need to join an essential meeting or have an appointment a few minutes from home. Smart home security technology can replace your keys with advanced hardware and proactive cloud technology. It’s very simple: your visitors can press your doorbell camera when they arrive, you verify them via video feed, and tap once to let them in.

You can also use your smartphone to control the temperature of your home. Through the smart app, you can create night, day, and vacation settings to ensure that it’s cozy for you.

On guard for your safety

TELUS Custom Security Systems offers you peace-of-mind through alerts wherever you are. Smart security systems turn video cameras into intelligent “security guards” — useful for more than just making sure strangers aren’t in your home. You can also check on the kids, parents, pets or make sure contractors and repairmen are working.

Tailored video monitoring/123RF

If a video camera detects a person outside after dark, it can trigger your home’s smart lights in response, giving you an intelligent new way to protect your home and family.

Custom solutions for unique customers like you

Staying home can be even more pleasant if you put your renovation project into practice or want a custom-designed security system. For that, keep in mind that TELUS Custom Security Systems builds tailored security solutions to meet your needs.

If you feel it’s time to customize your home, you can count on TELUS Custom Security Systems to design a solution that fits your personal needs. To find out more, visit

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