The 7 most shocking horror films to watch this Halloween (if you dare)

Oct 1 2018, 5:46 pm

We’re weeks away from Halloween, which means one thing: It’s time to go all in on the scary movies you’ve been (not so) secretly stockpiling all year. After all, October just isn’t the same without the urge to throw yourself under a blanket and scare yourself silly — and we’re all for it.

But let’s be real; this time of year can also be hard for the seasoned scary movie fan. Once you’ve seen one chainsaw-wielding maniac chasing teenagers through a barn, you’ve seen them all.

But, we promise you, there are still flicks out there that offer something demonic and frightening that you’ve never seen before. Check out our selection of deliciously horrifying horror movies, each one guaranteed to bring on the nightmares.

You’ve been warned.

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Now, cue the screams.


Sometimes the best scary stories are those that don’t overstay their welcome. That’s what makes XX so effective: It’s a collection of four short horror films, all written and directed by a different female director. The combination of their quick runtime and their unique perspective means that these stories (like a woman forced to hide a body during the worst possible event, or a box that makes an entire family starve itself) can get straight to their haunting, violent conclusions.

The First Purge

While the title might be a bit confusing (this is actually the fourth instalment in the Purge franchise), nobody could have predicted that this horror series would end up where it is now. What was once a home invasion story about the one night a year that all crimes are legal has turned into a franchise about a corrupt American government, murderous racism, and human survival. The scariest thing about The First Purge is how timely and relevant it has become.


Playing off fears that everyone knows too well (the death of a parent, mental illness, and the safety of your family), Hereditary has been called the most disturbing movie. It follows the life of Annie, an artist who specializes in creating miniature dioramas, and the strange events that start to plague her family following the death of her abusive mother. Do not watch this one alone.

The Wailing

Sometimes the best way to inject life into a tired genre is to view it from a new perspective, which is exactly what happens with this South Korean horror masterpiece. The Wailing is seemingly about a South Korean policeman who is brought to a small mountainous village to investigate a series of mysterious deaths and illnesses. What happens next would be spoiling both the movie and its ultimate genre, but there’s a reason it’s one of the highest-grossing South Korean horror films of all time.


Justine, a lifelong vegetarian, leaves home for the first time to attend veterinary school. Within her first day, she is pushed into a hazing ritual and forced to eat meat for the first time. The next morning, she wakes up with a strange rash and a single, powerful desire: She wants more meat. Maybe you can predict where this horrifying, beautiful French-Belgian horror film is going next — or maybe not. Either way, Raw deserves your undivided attention. (And for your sake, don’t watch it while snacking.)


From It to The Dark Tower to Gerald’s Game and Castle Rock, Stephen King adaptations have never been hotter. So celebrate the master of horror by watching this adaptation of one of his lesser-known novellas, where Thomas Jane murders his wife to steal his land, only to find out that guilt is now the least of his problems. Part ghost story, part revenge tale, this one will stick with you. Plus, its 1920s America setting makes for a nice change of spooky pace.

Creep 2

The first Creep was a delightfully weird documentary-style horror film that slowly revealed its true colours to the audience with a bloody, if predictable, finale. The sequel seems to keep to the same formula — a videographer meets up with a weird guy she found online, who we recognize as Mark Duplass’ serial killer from the first movie — but quickly plays with our expectations to give us something even weirder, and bolder, than before. This one is perfect for the jaded horror fan who believes they’ve seen it all.


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