Telling Someone You Appreciate Them

Dec 19 2017, 4:49 am

One thing that all people need is affection. And one form of affection is telling someone you appreciate them.

Why? We all have the need to be appreciated, the need to feel valued by people/someone, that people care and that we belong.

When it comes to relationships, this is particularly important, as you want the self assurance that you are still the rose in your lover’s eye. That he (she) is still in as much love with you as he was when you first met. That you are important to him.

Sometimes in relationships, the day to day gets in the way and we all get distracted from our relationship. Maybe the relationship is the distraction as its impossible for things to always be rosy, arguments happen, its par for the course.

But it’s important to constantly let the one you love that you appreciate them.

Telling someone how much you do, can make all the difference in their day. Take some time right now and ask yourself when was the last time you told your girlfriend/boyfriend that you love them and how special they are to you?

If your answer is that “it’s been a while”, or worse “I don’t remember (i.e. never)” then you better get at it. Start by greeting your girlfriend and asking how her day is so far. If she’s been through a long day, share some kind words like “honey, I’m so proud of how you deal with things, even when times get tough, I’m happy you’re here”. Or insert your appreciative remark ‘here’, just make sure that you’re being authentic when you say it.

You can even follow those words up with a good hug or kiss and then watch her lightup.

Rinse, repeat, do often.

By Ronald Lee and Matt Ha

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