Telescope - Anti-bullying video

Scared and alone, a little girl turns to her best friend: a cherished stuffed rabbit. “I wish you were real. Promise you’ll never ever leave me.” To her surprise, the little girl’s wish comes true. But life for Bunny Boy is not so easy. Now in his teens, he’s picked on, bullied and teased more than he can bare.

Directed, produced and edited by Vikaash Prasad, Telescope features VSB high school students from The West Program who help create scenes touching on cyber “faceless” bullying, physical bullying and verbal harassment.

To raise money for this video, Shalini approached neighbours, friends and strangers with hundreds of homemade “Mr. Monster” cookies. She is thankful for the support towards anti-bullying in her community.

With this universal video, Shalini and her teammates are looking forward to help spread the anti-bullying message around the world.