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Dec 19 2017, 8:22 pm

No where is it more evident that the children are our future than at [email protected]. Sunday, May 15 young speakers from across British Columbia will gather for [email protected] 2016, titled “Regenerate.”

From middleschoolers to first year university students, speakers will present to over 800 attendees aged 7 to 18 on their experiences, their passions, their beliefs, and their hopes for the future.

Here is a brief intro to just three of the day’s speakers:

Nicole Yeung

Autistic Children in School Settings

TedX Kids BC

TedX Kids BC

A Grade 8 at Eric Hamber Secondary School, Yeung intends to bring awareness on the topic of children struggling with autism with her talk “Autistic Children in School Settings”. From the constant stares, teasing, and bullying that autistic children endure to the challenges in their educational and every day lives.

Velaphi Angela Mkwananzi

The Pursuit of Service

TedX Kids BC

TedX Kids BC

Originally from Zimbabwe, 17-year-old Angela Mkwananzi aspires to become a lawyer, with a dream to work at the United Nations. “The Pursuit of Service” will explore Angela’s fight to overcame poverty, and how she didn’t let her circumstances determine what she did with her life. At one point giving up on her life completely, Angela believed there was nothing she could do, but by believing in herself, she was able to achieve, and continue to achieve, her dream to serve the people.

Hailey Clarke

How My Hobby Changed My Life

TedX Kids BC

TedX Kids BC

Hailey Clarke, 15, with explore how her love of reading books turned into opportunities in the publishing industry. From a simple hobby to a passion for reading, to a potential career, books have helped her overcome her depression. She hopes to prove to people that no matter what, don’t give up your passions.

For a list of speakers, visit the [email protected] website.

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[email protected]

When: Sunday, May 15

Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where: Massey Theatre – 735 Eighth Avenue, New Westminster

Price: $30, $25 for groups of 10+

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