Texas Senator Ted Cruz slammed for blaming doors instead of guns for mass shooting

May 27 2022, 5:10 pm

In the wake of the tragic Uvalde school massacre, Texas Senator Ted Cruz doesn’t want to talk about gun control, but instead door control.

Cruz has received backlash for comments while on the grounds at Uvalde’s Robb Elementary School, electing not to talk about legislation that would crack down on firearms but rather a reform to “harden schools.”

The Alberta-born Texas Senator is pushing the idea of only letting schools have a single door to enter and exit for children and staff, secured by an armed police officer.

Cruz says the “horror that played out” could have been prevented, citing that an unlocked back door at the Robb Elementary School was the major culprit — the same as the Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas that took place in 2018.

On Tuesday, 19 children and two adults were murdered on school grounds after an 18-year-old carried out a mass shooting. Shortly after the news circulated, Cruz released a statement saying he and his wife were”lifting up in prayer the entire Uvalde community during this devastating time and we mourn the lives that were taken by this act of evil.”

On Thursday, the British news publication Sky News asked Cruz if now was the tie for the United States to reform gun laws. Cruz refused to answer the reporter’s questions before calling him a propagandist.

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