TED 2014 Fellows Announced

Dec 19 2017, 4:55 pm

The world-renowned TED Conference is coming to Vancouver in 2014 and the 21 fellows have been announced. This is not to be confused with the speakers – that list has yet to be announced. 

TED 2014 Fellows

The Fellows program, which features a group of 21 people deemed to be world-changing innovators in their fields.

Aziz Abu Sarah (Palestine | Israel) – Entrepreneur + educator
Middle Eastern American peace activist and founder of MEJDI Tours, a travel company that offers intercultural, bridge-building tours led by both Israeli and Palestinian guides.
Website: http://www.mejditours.com/
Twitter: @AzizAbuSarah

Uldus Bakhtiozina (Russia) – Photographer + visual artist
Russian photographer who asks ordinary people she meets in her travels to model for elaborately staged, costumed, surreal portraits. Full of color, whimsy and drama, her images tell the story of their inner worlds.
Website: http://uldus.com/
Instagram: @uldusss

Andrew Bastawrous (Kenya | UK) – Eye surgeon + innovator
Kenya-based ophthalmologist who has created PEEK, a low-cost smartphone ophthalmic tool that delivers eye care in some of the world’s most challenging places, to those who need it most.
Website: http://www.peekvision.org/

Steve Boyes (South Africa) – Conservation biologist
South African conservation biologist passionate about protecting African parrots and their forest habitat within the continent’s last remaining wilderness areas.
Website: http://www.wildbirdtrust.com/
Twitter: @drsteveboyes

Kitra Cahana (Canada | USA) – Vagabond photojournalist + conceptual artist
Canadian documentary and conceptual art photographer currently documenting nomadic communities in the United States and the slow recovery of her father, paralyzed from a brain stem stroke.
Website: http://kitracahana.com
Instagram: @kitracahana

Aziza Chaouni (Morocco) – Architect + ecotourism specialist
Moroccan civil engineer and architect creating sustainable, built environments in the developing world, particularly in the deserts of the Middle East.
Website: http://www.azizachaouniprojects.com

Ziyah Gafic (Bosnia-Herzegovina) – Photographer + storyteller
Award-winning photojournalist from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, whose work includes intimate portraits of people determined to carry on with their lives in the face of fraternal war.
Website: http://www.ziyahgafic.ba/

Shohini Ghose (Canada | India) – Quantum physicist + educator
Theoretical physicist who examines how the laws of quantum mechanics may be harnessed to develop next-generation computers and novel protocols like teleportation.
Website: Center for Women in Science
Twitter: @LaurierWinS

Erine Gray (USA) – Software developer
American software developer and founder of Aunt Bertha, a platform that instantly helps people find social services such as food banks, health care, housing and educational programs.
Website: https://www.auntbertha.com/
Twitter: @auntbertha

Shih Chieh Huang (Taiwan | USA) – Artist
Taiwanese-American artist who dissects and disassembles the mundane detritus of our lives – household appliances, lights, computer parts, toys, plastic objects – transforming them into surreal, animated “living” organisms.
Website: http://www.messymix.com/

Kathryn Hunt (USA) – Paleopathologist
Biological anthropologist and Near Eastern archaeologist researching cancer in the skeletal remains of ancient peoples. Her Paleo-oncology Research Organization (PRO) seeks insight into how genetic and environmental factors have played a part in the evolution of the disease.
Twitter: @CancerAntiquity

Janet Iwasa (USA) – Molecular animator
Biochemist who uses 3D animation software to create molecular and cellular visualizations – such as how the HIV virus hijacks human cells – allowing researchers to visualize, explore and communicate their hypotheses.
Website: http://onemicron.com

Sergei Lupashin (Russia | USA | Switzerland) – Aerial robotics researcher + entrepreneur
Swiss-based engineer developing the Fotokite, an easy-to-use flying robotic camera. His work also includes unmanned aerial vehicles and autonomous cars.
Website: www.fotokite.com
Twitter: @UntitledTitles

Jorge Manes Rubio (Spain | Netherlands) – Conceptual artist
Artist and perpetual tourist who investigates invisible, forgotten places – Chinese cities submerged by the Three Gorges Dam Project, a little-known Pacific island paradise destroyed by mining – creating artworks that reimagine and revive these sites as attention-worthy destinations.
Website: http://www.seethisway.com
Twitter: @seethisway

Eman Mohammed (Palestine) – Photojournalist
Palestinian photojournalist documenting war in the Gaza Strip and life in its aftermath, exploring many facets of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – including the formation of Palestinian resistance groups and the lives of women in the region.
Website: http://www.emanmohammed.com
Twitter: @EmanMohammed

Will Potter (USA) – Investigative journalist
American journalist who covers the animal rights and environmental movements and post-9/11 civil liberties. Currently he is examining how whistleblowers and nonviolent protesters are being treated as “terrorists.”
Website: http://willpotter.com/
Twitter: @will_potter

David Sengeh (USA | Sierra Leone) – Biomechatronics engineer
Inventor of next-generation wearable mechanical interfaces that improve prosthetic comfort for amputees while simultaneously reducing costs, making the devices affordable in the developing world.
Website: www.sengeh.com
Twitter: @dsengeh

Shubhendu Sharma (India) – Reforestation expert
Indian industrial engineer restoring natural forests with his company, Afforestt, which offers a way to plant maintenance-free, wild and highly biodiverse forests using specialized afforestation methodology, research and cutting-edge technologies.
Website: http://www.afforestt.com/
Twitter: @shubzsharma

Robert Simpson (UK) – Astronomer + web developer
British astronomer who creates online platforms to cultivate a community of citizen science volunteers worldwide – crowdsourcing science. Projects cover a wide range of disciplines, from hunting for exoplanets to decoding whale language to mapping the Milky Way.
Website: https://www.zooniverse.org/
Twitter: @orbitingfrog

Dan Visconti (USA) – Composer + concert presenter
American composer who innovates concert experiences to give musical expression to contemporary social issues, creating events that engage communities and make classical music accessible to a new generation.
Website: http://www.danvisconti.com/

Bora Yoon (USA | South Korea) – Musician + sound architect
Korean-American vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer who creates immersive audiovisual soundscapes using digital devices, voice, and found objects and instruments from a variety of cultures and centuries. She evokes memory and association to formulate a cinematic storytelling through music and sound design.
Website: http://borayoon.com/
Twitter: @borabot

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