Team Japan wins Celebration of Light 2014 fireworks competition

Dec 19 2017, 11:32 am

Did you call it as well? Team Japan’s fireworks show was the fan favourite in the social media chatter following Saturday night’s third and final Celebration of Light fireworks display for 2014.

Earlier this afternoon, organizers revealed that the winner of this year’s fireworks competition is Japan’s Akariya Fireworks. The winning team was chosen by a panel of judges who used the following criteria to evaluate the displays (score sheet out of 100):

  • sizing – 10%
  • overall design and artistry – 30%
  • synchronization – 20%
  • originality of effects – 15%
  • quality of soundtrack – 15%
  • quality of fireworks – 10%

Spectators raved over the Japanese team’s diverse selection of fireworks, choreography and soundtrack selection – a mix of traditional Japanese music, classical and modern themes, which set it apart from the other two nights.

The previous displays were by the United States’ Pyrotecnico and France’s F.C. Pyro.

In 2015, the Celebration of Light will return for its 25th year. Organizers have promised that next year’s event will be marked in a new, major way.

Full 25 minute video – Team Japan at Celebration of Light 2014

[youtube id=”XYFLn6q4b44″]