Teachers' strike will extend into summer school if deal not reached by June 30

Dec 19 2017, 11:03 am

BC Teachers’ Federation president Jim Iker has announced that the full-scale teachers’ strike will be extended into summer school if a deal is not reached by June 30.

“The decision is that we will picket out summer schools. That’s the decision we’ve made,” said Iker. All of its teacher members, not just summer school teachers, will be required to picket summer school.

Students relying on summer school course credits for graduation and university applications could be at risk.

During a news conference this morning, he added that both the union and the provincial government will meet later today in an attempt to reach an agreement by the end of the month.

It is not known how summer online courses would be affected by the ongoing full-scale teachers’ strike.

Iker claims both parties are only 1 per cent apart with wages, while the issue of class size and composition continues to hold up a deal. He also targeted Premier Christy Clark, asking her to stop “putting the next school year at risk”.


Featured Image: Young students via Shutterstock