6 things to consider when deciding to move

Mar 2 2017, 8:03 am


You’d like to move out of your place and it’s time to write a list so you can get started.

You know, that list of things to consider when navigating what can be a pretty precarious situation. When deciding to move, you’ll have to account for several different things. For starters, you’ll have to find cardboard boxes to accommodate your personal belongings. You’ll need to find furniture for the new place – but ultimately, that’s nothing a little muscle and sweat can’t fix.

You’ve got everything covered, correct?

Not so fast. Sometimes we get so swept up by the idea of moving that we forget about the nitty gritty details – the little things that can decide whether your new living situation actually works. From home insurance to increased utility costs, there are several different variables to account for when deciding to move somewhere new.

To help prevent any major problems when looking for a new home sweet home, we’ve compiled a list of things you should consider.


Home insurance is one of the easiest details to forget about when deciding to move into a new place. For starters, the task seems a little intimidating. You might be worried that you can’t afford it or you won’t understand how it works. And then there comes the excuses – you tell yourself you’re too busy, but is there ever really a perfect time to do all the stuff that being an adult requires?


Rest assured. When talking to a professional, you’ll feel relieved that you’re taking time to do so. And you’ll also be shocked by the things you didn’t know – for example, if your dishwasher leaks and your guest slips and falls, this becomes an issue of personal liability. Quality home insurance from TD Insurance covers you for situations like this, and talking to a professional means you can find a policy that fits both you and your budget.

Don’t forget about your prized possessions either. They’re one of the number one reasons that you’ll want home insurance, in case someone breaks in and steals them. You’ll also want to make sure your possessions are covered, whether they’re stowed in your basement or your shed. This is especially important to consider since some homes come with detached private structures like a garage, shed or storage locker.


The beauty of choosing where you live is that you get to consider exactly how it will influence your lifestyle. Chances are you want to live somewhere that offers all the amenities you need – whether that’s a yoga studio or a brand new gym. For some people, location is all about being close to friends or family. And for others, what really matters is one’s proximity to important locations, like work or university.


No matter how convenient your location is, you’ll need to take transit every now and then. So it goes without saying that considering transit options should be at the top of the list you’re writing when deciding to move. If you can’t walk everywhere, then it’s nice to know the bus can get you from point A to B – especially to cut down any time spent outside in the freezing cold.


No matter where you decide to move, you’ll want any new costs to be within your budget. And hey – you’re only human, so if saving a few bucks on a cheaper place means you can dine out a few times per month, who’s complaining?

No matter how intricate your savings plan is, you can always expect the unexpected. If you’ve purchased an older home that hasn’t been well-maintained, you might need to replace wiring or an older roof sooner than you think. It could also mean that your home insurance premiums are higher. Or, you could suddenly incur a loss of money due to an accident or loss of employment, which could negatively influence your lifestyle.

Consider the things you’ve probably never considered – like identity theft. It’s real and it happens, but getting the right insurance can cover you up to $30,000 per incident to help restore your identity, such as by getting things notarized, enlisting legal aid, applying for lost wages and more. Plus, you could get up to $5,000 protection in the event of loss of income – just do a TD Right Fit Coverage Assessment and answer a few simple questions to find out if this sort of coverage could benefit you.


When we think about getting a new place, we tend to only consider the rent money we’ll have to pay up front. We often forget how fast our utilities add up, which is dependent on a few different variables. For starters, a bigger apartment tends to jack up your bill if you’re used to living in a modestly-sized space. If you like to crank up the air conditioning in the summer, then you’ll definitely notice it when the bill arrives in your inbox every month. If this stresses you out, throw on a sweater instead of turning up the heat to reduce the extra costs you might experience. You might also want to purchase smart home devices, such as a programmable thermostat or a burglar alarm, that can save you money while keeping your home secure.


We lecture each other a lot about the practicalities and logistics of moving somewhere, but this isn’t totally realistic considering the fact that there’s a lot more to life than a simple checklist. What you ultimately need to ask yourself when moving is whether your new living situation will really make you happy. Just make sure you’re considering the most crucial aspects of your long-term game plan. Because ultimately, it’s not your friends or parents who have to live in your new apartment. It’s you.

Don’t have time to go into an insurance office to talk about your home insurance options? With TD Insurance, it’s easy to find information and receive a quote online, or you can give them a ring at 1-866-361-2311 – they’re available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm. Or if the weekend works better for you, try calling Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm.

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