Tangoo: The Remedy to Vancouver’s “No Fun City” Reputation

Dec 19 2017, 2:26 pm

Vancouver has been plagued with the title of “No Fun City” various times in the past. With last week’s “Welcome to Vancouver: ‘No Fun City’” article going viral, alongside the recent buzz about the city’s archaic liquor laws, one could say that Vancouver desperately needs some help. A new multi-venue social dining program, Tangoo, provides a remedy to this problem. The new startup is best described as an effortless way to plan a progressive dinner across multiple restaurants and bars. In the process you meet new groups of people, visit unique locations, access handpicked menu’s, and enjoy other value-added services – simply book online and show up.
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The Tangoo Program


Tangoo is an effortless way to experience a complete evening out. By simply prepaying online, Tangoo-ers will enjoy a progressive dinner across three food and drink establishments: first, drinks and an appetizer, followed by dinner, and finishing with a drink or dessert. Tangoo allows for seamless access to new and reputable restaurants and bars, easy mingling and special handpicked menu items. Tangoo caters to group celebrations, dates, new inhabitants and typical nights out. It is currently running in the stylish Gastown, and Yaletown.


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Vancouver Problems Tangoo Solves

Tangoo was created with the realization that too many nights out in Vancouver lack variety and, therefore, are not memorable. Due to pre-existing social bubbles and painful planning obstacles, people have fewer opportunities to expand their social circles. More specifically:

  • Nights out can involve too many decisions and logistical difficulties
  • Vancouver is known to be a hard place to meet people
  • People have little time in their busy lives to properly plan
  • People struggle to take action and try out a new place in fear that they will be disappointed
  • Groups have trouble getting organized and making decisions
  • People are stuck waiting in line for unnecessarily long periods of time

This is precisely why a program like Tangoo is needed. Something that encourages Vancouverites to break out of their cliques and hangout spots and discover what else the city really has to offer – in an easy and seamless manner. Tangoo encourages people to try new things, reassuring guests that:

  1. There is limited time and effort required to plan a fun night
  2. They are going to easily meet people
  3. The places they go to aren’t boring
  4. They can easily move from place to place without lineups or aimless wandering

A no-fun reputation is something that shouldn’t exist in Vancouver. Vancouver is known for its culinary diversity and characteristic neighbourhoods. However, due to the misfortune of having too many restricting laws, limited “sure bets” when selecting where to go, and unnecessarily high prices, one can understand where our nickname stems from. Programs like Tangoo will open people’s minds to having a true connection with their city, and others that inhabit it.

The Tangoo Launch Night is set for October 18th, 2012. Seating is limited and can be purchased on www.tangoo.ca.

Tangoo currently runs on special Thursday nights and will soon open up more nights of the week on a more consistent basis.

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Photo Credit: Norm Lee, Gerry Sung, Parvej Sidhu

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