Take a #FarmersMarketSelfie at your local Farmers' Market

Dec 19 2017, 11:04 am

Farmers’ Markets are becoming increasingly popular destinations for people looking to buy local food, and with the launch of The BC Association of Farmers’ Markets #FarmersMarketSelfie contest, that popularity should continue to rise.

Between June 23 and July 7, simply snap a selfie at any one of BC’s 125 farmers’ markets and submit it to BC Farmers Markets’ Facebook page. From there, promote your selfie to get the most votes! The selfie that gets the most votes wins a Bernardin Home Canning Starter Kit and $500 worth of delicious goods from your favourite BC farmers’ market.

On top of that, there will be weekly prizes, with five random winners being selected from five regions of BC. Each of these random winners will take home a Bernardin Home Canning Starter Kit and a $50 gift card to the BC farmers’ market of their choice.

“British Columbians go to a farmers’ market to enjoy the high quality foods produced in their communities, and for the conversations and relationships they can have with people who grow our food,” says BC Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick. “Farmers’ markets have a unique and festive atmosphere, and I look forward to seeing the creative ways British Columbians capture and share their experiences through this contest.”

“Over the last several years, we’ve seen a 62% increase in the number of markets in BC,” added Elizabeth Quinn, Executive Director at the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets.

“There’s no doubt people are becoming increasingly passionate about buying local, in-season food and locally produced goods. With this campaign, we want to build on this growing enthusiasm in BC by reaching out to those who might not know that the markets offer much more than food- they offer an experience that feels amazing!”

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Featured Image: BC Farmers Market via Facebook