How tailored security and automation can be a real help to real moms

May 7 2021, 6:17 pm

There are some things in life that we can only learn about through firsthand experience. No matter how much we dream, read, or listen to advice about such things, nothing can fully prepare us for their reality. Being a mother is one of these amazing things.

We can be a mother of a baby, a child, or a grown-up; a birth or adoptive mother; a mother to our nephews, neighbors, pets, or plants. A solo or co-parent, a “father-mother” or even a mother to our own parents. The moment we become responsible for someone, we take on this new role in our lives.

While this can be the most joyful experience in the world and provide unimaginable love and fulfillment, it can also come with a list of never-ending challenges. The more help we can get in our everyday lives, the better we’ll be able to manage the tasks that we want to accomplish.

Home security and automation are of great value in this sense. A home with custom solutions can make every mother’s life easy and comfortable in a few clicks. From safety and comfort, to peace of mind, custom solutions allow us to leverage the benefits of modern times whilst performing our daily tasks.

Keeping loved ones safe

Here’s to all the multitasking mothers (TELUS Custom Security Systems)

As concerned about our kids as we may be, we can’t keep them close all the time. But we can take steps to keep them safe and ease our worries in the process. When they walk home from school, for instance, we want to ensure that they arrive safe and nothing bad happens on their way home. Imagine being sent a text when your front door opens and being able to view your children enter your house, using a simple smartphone app.

And if they forget to take their keys with them, you can unlock the door remotely using the same app — ensuring that they can get inside safely, instead of waiting at the neighbour’s.

Concerned about the kids playing around your pool, especially your little ones? Motion detection cameras can show what activity is happening around the area, at any time. Wherever we are (at home or outside), custom monitoring solutions can help us keep an eye on everything.

More than practical, it’s convenient

New moms know how sacred a baby’s nap is. Any movement or noise can wake them up, and it may be a while before they (or we) fall asleep again. How we wish that we could elongate our arms to reach that far away remote control or light switch. Well, wish no longer. With the same all-in-one app, you can simply press a button on your phone to adjust the lighting or turn the TV volume down. Simple as it should be!

For smoother mornings, imagine replacing the loud clock alarm in the kids’ bedroom with some exciting music, and programming the lights to turn on automatically at a chosen time. Then all we need to do is come in shortly afterward, and ensure that they are up and ready to head to school.

On those days when we come home from the grocery store holding multiple bags, without a hand to spare, we can simply turn on the lights and unlock the door with a finger.

Taking some “me” time

On the go and in the know (TELUS Custom Security Systems)

When we become mothers, finding time for ourselves is tough. Kids demand so much attention! Still, it’s important to take some “me” time to go for a run or sit at the park to enjoy the peace and quiet. 

When taking this time to ourselves, we may perhaps leave our eldest child to babysit the youngest or leave the dog at home alone. Nevertheless, we can still see what is happening at home by checking the app on our device. We can also check that the doors are locked, or turn on the lights when it gets dark. And if someone rings the doorbell, we can answer it remotely on their behalf.

At the end of the day, when the kids go to bed and your pet is napping contentedly at your feet, it can be a real treat to simply lie down on the couch with our smartphone and order some food. Might as well dim the lights, adjust the temperature, and stream a movie On Demand, too. Moments like this are precious and remind us of the things we like to do and who we are beyond being a mom.

Security and automation tailored to your life

Security and automation solutions provide great features to everyone, especially to the mother figures who tell us real stories every day. Just like each unique mother, TELUS Custom Security Systems can bring a unique solution to every mom’s life.

With over 200 years of acquired industry experience and featuring best-in-class quality video, analytics, access control, and integration with the innovative solutions of the future, TELUS Custom Security Systems is a real help to real moms. Visit today and learn more.

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