SweetSalt Bakery & Cafe opens on Fraser Street

Dec 19 2017, 6:34 am

As fall settles in, a delicious new refuge is available to parents looking for a break from rainy parks and playgrounds. Lead your tots through autumn leaves to the steps of SweetSalt Bakery & Café, where Playscapes and fresh German baked goods await on Fraser Street.

“I longed for the warm pretzels and savoury tarts I grew up with in Germany,” said SweetSalt founder and new mother, Hanna Wolff. “A place where my friends and I could bring our babies and tots to relax while enjoying artisan treats.”

Despite Vancouver’s culinary diversity, Wolff says she was hard pressed to find a bakery café that could satisfy her tastes and accommodate her new role as mother. This need combined with an infectious enthusiasm for German baked goods fuelled the dream of SweetSalt. Mom can recharge on Flammkuchen (a savoury tart with sour cream, bacon and onions) and Oughtred coffees and teas, as tots enjoy animal shaped chocolate buns and organic homemade sodas using local Pemberton Distillery syrups like Raspberry & Lavender or Wild Cherry & Vanilla, on a chalkboard table amid a play kitchen.



Sweet Salt Fraser Street


SweetSalt, at the corner of Fraser and 19th Avenue, welcomes families to indulge in the sweet and savoury of life; fresh baked daily with Anita’s Organic flours.

Open Tuesday – Saturday from 8am – 5pm. Visit www.sweetsalt.ca for a complete menu.

SweetSalt Bakery & Cafe

3497 Fraser St.


Images via www.sweetsalt.ca