Port Moody City Councillor opening Sweet & Savoury Pie Co. in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 8:12 pm

Nothing goes together quite like city politics and pie. Wait, what? This curious intersection is exactly where you’ll find Meghan Lahti, the Port Moody City Councillor who is about to open Sweet & Savoury Pie Co. in Vancouver.

Lahti says opening a pie shop has been a long-time dream, but she hadn’t found the right “moment,” until now. Having left her post in November 2015 as a senior executive with a large corporate company, Lahti was eager to round out her work as a City Councillor with something that sparked her passion. That something happens to be pie.

“I love being a City Councillor, but I was not happy with the situation I found myself in, as my main job was not rewarding,” Lahti told Vancity Buzz. So it was time for a change, and Lahti knew where to start. “The first thing that I considered was that this change in my life was going to involve making pie – which always makes me happy. In fact, if you were to ask any of my good friends what they would immediately think, if I told them I was leaving my job, they would definitely tell you that it was going to involve making pie.”

While she has no formal training, Lahti says she has been making pies for years, and it’s something she loves, and loves to share with family and friends, including her children.

Now she is prepping the Sweet & Savoury Pie Co. on Hastings Street for a soft launch at the end of February, in a spot that Lahti feels is ideally suited for a “great neighbourhood of eclectic and interesting tastes and choices.”

When it comes to tastes and choices at Sweet & Savoury, Lahti has a menu that includes savoury options such as Curried Vegetable, Chicken and Leek, and the classic French Canadian Tourtiere come Christmastime. For the sweet side, she’ll be baking up flavours like Apple, Sour Cherry, Peach, Raspberry, and Chocolate Cream.

Her favourites from each side of the spectrum? “I, myself, love both sweet and savoury pie,” says Lahti. “I would have to say that for the savoury, my Steak & Guinness is delicious and for the sweet, my Strawberry Rhubarb.” (For the record, that sounds like a fantastic pie-centric meal.)

Sweet & Savoury Pie Co. will open with 16 seats, and will expand to 25 seats as soon as the liquor license is approved, explains Lahti. Customers can opt to sit down and dig in, or grab fresh or frozen pies and foods to go. Whole pies will be available for pre-order, and the shop is going to run a ‘Pie Exchange’ program, which means customers can buy a fresh or frozen pie to bake at home and pay a deposit on the pie dish. Once the dish is returned, that deposit becomes a credit they can apply towards their next purchase.

This seems to be the ideal way to connect with customers and keep the circle of pie going. In the spirit of really bringing people together, Lahti is hoping pie-lovers from all over Metro Vancouver will want to check out the new shop.

“There is just something about making pies that to me is almost therapeutic,” adds Lahti. “I mean, who doesn’t love pie?”

Sweet & Savoury Pie Co.

Address: 2261 East Hastings Street

Phone: 604-875-9958