'Surroundings' Episode 1: Metrotown Civic Plaza, Ambleside and David Lam Park

Surroundings is a four part video series that tells the stories behind some of Metro Vancouver’s well-known public spaces from the perspectives of the landscape architects who designed them.

The first episode features Don Vaughan and focuses on bringing meaning to place through the use of public art. It looks at three separate sites: Metrotown Civic Plaza (Burnaby), Granite Assemblage at Ambleside (West Vancouver) and High Tide Pavilion/Low Tide Sculpture at David Lam Park (Vancouver).

Surroundings is the first ever video series to provide a comprehensive look into what landscape architects do and how they have helped shape our cities and region.

The series has been made with no funding and put together by two friends life-long friends who were both unexpectedly laid-off from their respective careers. They decided to make the best out of a bad situation by combining their passions – videography and landscape architecture – to make a video series, which is the first of its kind.

Surroundings: Episode 1

[youtube id=”HxRTGwU3ky0″]


Future episodes

  • Episode 2: Garden City Play Environment in Richmond and the Downtown Skate Plaza (under the Georgia Viaduct)
  • Episode 3: Southeast False Creek and the Olympic Village
  • Episode 4: Vancouver Convention Centre and VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre