'Surroundings' highlights Metro Vancouver's public spaces

Dec 19 2017, 4:19 pm

Surroundings is a four part video series that tells the stories behind some of Metro Vancouver’s well-known public spaces from the perspectives of the landscape architects who designed them.

In each 20 minute episode, high-profile landscape architects are interviewed onsite where they share the stories behind the design and creation of these places. Each landscape architect featured is prominent within their profession, and the sites featured in Metro Vancouver are renowned and are award winning designs.

Vancouver has been consecutively named as one of the top most liveable cities in the world for nearly a decade. Surroundings also provides behind-the-scenes stories into how it earned this spot.

The series was created by two life-long friends who were both side-tracked from their respective career paths when they were unexpectedly laid-off. Making the best out of a bad situation, they decided to combine their passions – videography and landscape architecture – to make a video series, which is a first of its kind.

When they started this project, they did not intend it to go much further beyond getting it posted on YouTube but the series has since been picked up by Shaw TV and has garnered the attention of the design community.

Surroundings is the first ever video series to provide a comprehensive look into what landscape architects do and how they have helped shape our cities and region. The video series will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in architecture, art, local history, development, sustainability and the environment.

Surroundings Promos

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