Surrey super fan sings about his "Super Sweet City" (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 7:29 pm

It takes a lot of love for the City of Surrey to make a sweet music video like one guy did.

Amrit Bains is a passionate man, and right now the object of his affections is his home city, Surrey. The bus driver and Punjabi recording artist recently debuted his song and video “Super Sweet City,” which showcases not only a few well-known locations in the city, but also Bains’ dancing and air guitar skills.

Bains told The Huffington Post B.C. he sees Surrey as being like a daily festival, and a big city with a small village vibe. He says: “I lived in many cities. I was born in India in small village. I lived in Vancouver, Burnaby. I enjoy every city, every town, but when it came to Surrey, I really naturally fell in love with it.”

That love is no clearer than in the lyrics of his “Super Sweet City” ditty, which includes lines about “magic in the air” (who knew?) and every boy being a prince and each girl an angel. Surrey has never sounded so divine!

[youtube id=”_AKfRbXQqgY”]

On his website, Bains says of his music: “I like to sing for fun and I like to sing about issues those have been left untouched. My fans love my free style. That’s all what matters to me. I really love my fans and I respect my fans. My fans are my wings and I feel like I am flying.”

Surrey, get on board, and adopt Bains’ “Super Sweet City” as your anthem!

Featured image: Screenshot/YouTube

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