Surrey dog daycare still operating after license revoked for allegedly taping snouts shut

Dec 19 2017, 7:25 pm

A Surrey dog daycare remains open even after the business lost its license for allegedly taping shut the snouts of the canines under their care.

According to the Surrey Leader, the municipal government pulled its license in late-June but the home business at the 10900-block of Partridge Crescent remains open. Owner Zhu Gong could be fined $500 per day for each day the business remains open in addition to the tickets it has already received.

Before there were allegations of abuse, neighbours first complained about the noise coming from the home. Bylaw officers witnessed the abuse and alerted the SPCA, which is still performing a full investigation of the business.

Gong told The Province the allegations were untrue, saying she spent $50,000 to soundproof her residence and that dog muzzles, not tape, from pet shops were used.

The City of Surrey is pursuing legal options to have the business shut down for good.


Featured Image: dog via Shutterstock

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