Violent crimes in Surrey up 34% from 2014

Dec 19 2017, 4:40 pm

Surrey RCMP have released their second quarter crime statistics for 2015, showing a dramatic increase in violent crimes and other offences.

While some crimes have become far more prevalent, property crimes have decreased overall by nine per cent between this quarter and second quarter 2014. The biggest drop occurs for theft over $5000 which dropped 30 per cent year over year, and identity theft and fraud which dropped 28 per cent.

The bad news, however, is that violent crimes have soared, including a 600 per cent increase in attempted murder. There have been 28 attempted murders so far this year compared to only 6 at this point in 2014.

Surrey RCMP claim the increase in violent crimes can largely be attributed to the series of shootings that occurred in the city between March and June.

Sexual assault has also risen 64 per cent.

“Our Special Victims Unit and Domestic Violence Unit are working closely with victims and vulnerable populations to target suspects and prevent victimization. In 88% of the incidents, the victims knew the offender,” says the RCMP. There has been a total of 102 sexual assaults this quarter and 156 so far this year.

“I am pleased to see that property crime is down in our city as a result of the hard work of our target teams and residents and business owners who are taking steps to protect themselves and their property,” says Chief Superintendent Bill Fordy, Surrey RCMP Officer in Charge.

“While the news is not as good in our violent crime category, the focus we’ve placed on the shooting conflict and robberies with our law enforcement partners is leading to arrests and charges that will hopefully drive crime down as we continue to apply significant pressure to these offenders.”

Compared to the City of Vancouver, Surrey’s crime rates are moderately on par. There have been a total of 108 sexual assaults in Vancouver this quarter compared to 102 in Surrey. Other assaults were slightly more prevalent in Vancouver with 934 compared to Surrey’s 892.

With population in consideration, about one in every 5,590 people in Vancouver experienced a sexual assault in April, May or June compared with one in every 4,590 people in Surrey.

One in 646 were assaulted in the City of Vancouver compared with one in 524 in Surrey.

Notable Surrey crime statistics for second quarter (April, May and June) of 2015:

  • Four homicides, down from 6 in 2014
  • 183 robberies, up from 138 in 2014
  • 17 abductions or kidnappings, up from 11 in 2014
  • 482 residential break and enters, down from 611 in 2014
  • 891 stolen vehicles, down from 1131 in 2014
  • 10 cases of prostitution, down from 31 in 2014
  • 76 cases of cocaine possession, down from 105 in 2014