Make it rain: Robber cuts hole in ceiling to steal cash from ATM below (VIDEO)

Mar 11 2022, 9:14 pm

A shop owner in Surrey was in for an unpleasant surprise when they came into work on February 3 to find a huge hole in their ceiling.

As it turns out, that hole was used by a thief to descend into the store with a ladder to take a wad of cash from their ATM the night before.

It’s a hard L to take, especially since police say he managed to get a “substantial amount of cash” before leaving.

According to Surrey Cpl. Vanessa Munn, the robber, broke in between 1 and 4:30 am by climbing on the rooftop, cutting a human-sized hole, and using a 40-foot ladder to climb down.

“Surveillance video from inside the store is being released to the public to further advance the investigation,” said Munn.

“Although the suspect’s face is not visible in the video, investigators feel that someone may recognize the person based on other characteristics.”

In the video, he was wearing grey coveralls, a black hoodie, a black backpack, and black boots.

Surrey RCMP is still looking into the case, although they didn’t say which store, in particular, was targeted.

Despite the strangeness of this particular incident with the Surrey thief, robberies in Metro Van are relatively common. In January, there was a break-in at the downtown Gucci store, and in February, a thrift store that saves money for animals had its register emptied.

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