Sunday Musings: What the WaMu

Dec 19 2017, 11:41 am

This week, Washington Mutual was the latest bank to go down in flames during this historic financial crisis. A ten day run on the bank led to their ultimate demise. But don’t worry Monopoly Man aka Rich Uncle Pennybags aka JP Morgan have bought out these mother fuckers.

Apparently the blue collar Main Streeters haven’t heard that the FDIC insurances your money up to $100,000, morons. Look at the brightside, at least now WaMu might stop running those annoying ads.

So this raises the question, who is next to fall? Unless a bailout deal is reached look out Wachovia, next stop bankruptcy.

Moving forward, recently I’ve gotten comments on the “random” women I post on my Sunday musings section. Some good, some bad. Apparently, Money J Skeets thinks they are too thin. Egregious. He prefers his women to be a little thicker, I don’t, I like them fit, its as simple as that.

A suggestion to Skeets, why don’ t you do a fucking post. To those that hate the randomness you may go back to Romania and herd goats, to the rest of you, enjoy.

This week was an all restaurant review week at the Buzz. The Urban Dweller had the luxury of reviewing some of the fine establishments in Vancouver. See the reviews of Le Crocodile, Steamrollers, Italian Kitchen, Rekado’s and The Naam.

The success and response to our restaurant reviews has been phenomenal. So much so that I’ve fielded offers from establishments to come in and dine. If the Vancity higher-ups approve I’ll be taking those offers.

“With Glowing Hearts”, this is our Olympic slogan people! That was my initial reaction, it lead me to believe that us British Columbians are all some sort of radioactive pot smokers. However, after the initial freak out the slogan has began to grow on me. The new Vancouver 2010 commercial is also pretty good, check it out.

The good old US of A is on the brink of financial destruction and it looked as though a bailout had been reached, but wait the Republic House representatives don’t like the whole oversight thing. Interesting since the lack of oversight is what got them in this mess.

Then there is the senile presidential candidate John McCain. What happened to this so called Maverick? It looks as though he has succumbed to the pressure of the evil GOP. So this week this old asshat “suspends” his presidential campaign because “the fundamentals of our economy are not strong”. Didn’t he just say they were strong like 10 days ago? Huh, I wonder what has changed since then? So he attends these meetings and says abso-fucking-lutely nothing. Americans this piece of shit might be your next president. May god have mercy on us all.

Meanwhile, back in the true north strong and free the NDP sure can pick’em. 3 BC candidates bow out of the election due to drug use and body painting with a group of teenage girls. In their place Jack Layton has decided to let his mustache run. Developing…

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